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On the second day of the second month in the lunar calendar, people are busy getting haircuts

editor  13-03-21 16:25

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In many parts of China, on the second day of the second lunar month, people traditionally have their hair cut. From traditional barbershop street stalls to fashionable hairdresser shops, every establishment is crowded. The business in the barbershops is terrific. 
Why do people choose this day to have haircuts? The answer relates to traditional Chinese customs. 
According to tradition, people cannot have haircuts during the first month of the lunar calendar, because it is unlucky. However, it is uncomfortable not to have a haircut for a month; therefore, people go to the barber in the beginning of the second lunar month. According to folklore, the second day of that month is the day that the Dragon King in charge of clouds and rain raises his head. From that day on, the rainfall increases, so this day is called “Chunlong Festival.” To bring themselves good fortune, many people choose to have haircuts on this day, even, even if they have to wait for several hours. 
It’s the second day of the second month. Have you had a haircut today?


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