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泼水节 Water-Sprinkling Festival

editor  13-04-16 17:02

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The Water-Sprinkling Festival, which is usually in the middle of April, has a history of over 700 years. It is the largest traditional festival for the Dai ethnic minority. 
At the beginning of the festival, courteous Dai girls say words of blessing while dipping bamboo leaves and branches into a water pot, then sprinkling those nearby. When it comes to the climax, people use copper bowls, basins, and even buckets to throw water at each other. They have fun chasing each other in the streets and alleyways. Water splashes in front and behind, and despite being soaked from head to toe, everyone is in high spirits and full of laughter.  
After this ceremonial shower, people of all nationalities, ages, and occupations dance happily in a circle. During moments of excitement, people cheer, “Shui, shui, shui!” (Water, water, water!) Some men drink while dancing through the night. 
If you come to Yunnan during the festival, do not be mad if someone sprinkles water on you, as that represents a deep expression of blessing. 



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