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卡拉OK vs KTV
Karaoke vs KTV

editor  13-04-23 16:11

Language:中文 pin yin English

Karaoke originated in Japan before being introduced in Taiwan and then mainland China. It generally is musical accompaniment without lead vocals. The lyrics and beat appear on a television screen, which the singer watches while singing. 
Karaoke is usually sung in a large hall or outdoors in a square. It’s fine if the participants don’t know each other. You need others to help you start the music. Some people get embarrassed because others will laugh if you do not sing well. Out of courtesy, in such situations, sometimes people arrange to sing in a private room and request songs in a computer. You can choose the songs based on your preferences and can dance to the music. It is not expensive and is called KTV. 
Today, many young people like to relax with their friends by singing KTV. A group of people gets together for eating, drinking, and happy singing. But Karaoke is more preferred by middle-aged people and senior citizens. The fresh air in an outdoor square and joyous atmosphere allows them to make more friends. 



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