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Covering the living expenses of the deceased

editor  13-04-27 16:56

Language:中文 pin yin English

Every year on Tomb-Sweeping Day or other days that remember the deceased, people always burn paper money. This tradition has been practiced since as early as the Han Dynasty. Usually, people cut pieces of white paper into the shape of copper coins, then scatter it at outdoor cemeteries or burn it for the deceased. People believe paper money is the currency the dead will use in the other world. The more paper money they burn, the more the deceased will have and can continue to live in the other world. This tradition still exists today. 
In the fact, with the popularization of science and knowledge, people know it is a superstition. The deceased will neither get nor use the paper money burned. But people hope to cherish the memory of the deceased in this way and remember them. However, the ash of the scattered paper money is often blown away, polluting the environment. At the same time, it wastes resources. Thus, many in society have advocated for people to find other ways to express their grief for the departed, like presenting fresh flowers or lighting candles on the internet. This not only memorializes the deceased, but also protects the environment. 



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