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Making dough figures

editor  13-05-16 17:04

Language:中文 pin yin English

When you stroll through a Beijing temple fair, you will often see some adorable dough figures. The craftsmen who make them dye the dough after it is steamed, then shape it into all kinds of famous characters, birds, and animals, which are remarkably lifelike. In this profession, the dough figures made by Tang are the most well-known. 
According to legend, this handicraft is related to Liu Yong, a famous minister in the Qing Dynasty. It was said that Lao Wang, his servant, gained a sudden interest in making steamed buns into to all kinds of shapes. Liu saw and liked them. Then Lao Wang began to improve and dye these buns. Later, Liu presented the dough figures made by Lao Wang as birthday presents to the emperor, in turn receiving an award. Liu gave the award to Lao Wang and let him independently run a business making and selling dough figures. This handicraft was then handed down in Beijing. 
With rich colors, ample varieties, and delicate size, the dough figures are easy to carry and cheap. Following long-term advances, the figures can now be preserved for a long time. Thus, it has become a gift of choice. Many foreigners are interested in dough figures, so you should buy some of these adorable Chinese specialties to bring home and enjoy with others. 



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