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Tea leaf eggs

editor  13-08-27 17:19

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If you have breakfast in China, you have the chance to eat a traditional snack: tea leaf eggs. 
A tea leaf egg is a kind of regional dish and one of China’s traditional foods. Its preparation is simple and involves adding tea, soy sauce, and salt to boiling eggs. For a flavor stronger, one can boil the eggs first, crack the eggshells, and then put the seasoning into the boiling water. Using this method, the boiled tea eggs have a sweet and savory fragrance. 
Because tea leaf eggs are simple to make, inexpensive, and easy to carry, many people choose them for breakfast. At bus station, on streets, and in alleys and other places crowded with tourists and pedestrians, you will often find little pots boiling tea leaf eggs. Eggs themselves are very healthy. With the refreshing effects of the added tea leafs, eating tea leaf eggs for breakfast can make a person energetic all day. 


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Edit on13-08-27 17:19