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Where can you find the most authentic jianbing?

editor  13-09-06 17:01

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Recently, the issue of the authenticity of the jianbing (a type of savory Chinese pancake) has stirred a fierce debate. Some people have even submitted petitions on the White House’s official website. The reason is that Tianjin, the birthplace of the jianbing, wants to recover its seat of authenticity. 
The jianbing, which indeed originated from Tianjin, is a famous snack with a long history in Tianjin. This snack often appears in breakfast food stalls. It is a popular choice in part thanks to its cheap price. It is easy to eat, and people who are busy sometimes grab one for lunch or supper. The jianbing is composed of a thin pancake made of green mung bean flour, eggs, and fried youtiao doughnuts, plus sauce, green onions, and chili sauce.  
When the jianbing came to Beijing, new methods of preparation appeared. Beijingers replaced the green mung bean flour with wheat, rice, or corn flour, and add pork sausages and pickled mustard tubers. Nowadays, some young people innovatively use ketchup and salad dressing to replace the sauce. The varieties are numerous, and many are very popular. In addition, the jianbing has come to other parts of China, where people have modified it to suit local tastes. One might say that although it is still a jianbing, its method of preparation is very different.


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