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The world-famous tofu

editor  13-09-09 17:04

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Tofu, which is very famous in China, is a traditional type of food. According to legend, this green and healthy food was invented by Liu An, King of Huainan and alchemist from during the Han Dynasty. Tofu, with its many trace ingredients, is very good for humans, and with its cheap price, it has become part of home cooking for Chinese people. The most common and most famous tofu dishes includes soy milk, Mapo tofu, tofu jelly, and more. Dried tofu is also a good method of tofu preparation.
Today, tofu is famous not only in China, but also around the globe. Like Chinese tea, porcelain, and silk, it is now renowned worldwide. In the 1980s, the famous American magazine The Journal of Economic Perspectives claimed, “In the future decade, what has the most market potential is not cars, televisions, or electronics, but China’s tofu.” It is believed that for foreigners who like Chinese cuisine, Mapo tofu will make their mouth water. 


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Edit on13-09-09 17:04