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Delicious zongzi (traditional Chinese rice pyramids)

editor  13-09-12 13:16

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Zongzi, a sticky rice pyramid wrapped in leaves and steamed, is a traditional food for the Han people’s celebration of Dragon Boat Festival. On the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, every family will soak sticky rice, wash reed leaves, and wrap zongzi. 
According to legend, zongzi was handed down in order to remember a person named Qu Yuan, who lived in ancient times. It is said that Qu Yuan threw himself into the Miluo River because he was disappointed in the ruling class. The local people missed this person who cared for the fate of his country and his people. In order to keep fishes from eating Qu Yuan’s body, they threw rice into the river, hoping that these fish and shrimp would eat the rice and not him. Later, people wrapped the rice with reed leaves, creating in the zongzi of today. 
Nowadays, zongzi contain not only sticky rice, but also sweetened red bean paste, lotus seeds, red dates, egg yolk, ham, and other fillings, which are very tasty. Before and after the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, zongzi appear on people’s dinner tables, and are considered a traditional food for Dragon Boat Festival. 


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