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Multi-colored parasols

editor  13-10-10 17:10

Language:中文 pin yin English

When you walk on the streets in summer, you can see many women holding umbrellas. However,, these are not umbrellas whose purpose is to keep out the rain,, but parasols which are specially used to keep out sunlight.
The materials used for making parasols are usually polyester fabric, nylon oxford and canvas. Polyester fabric is the best in terms of blocking out sunlight and resistance to mold, and the price is relatively affordable. It is the first choice of material used in making parasols. The parasol is made in the same way a normal umbrella is. It has ribs, a handle and umbrella cloth, and comes in various colors and patterns. The parasol also has the function of being waterproof. On a rainy day, it can also be used as a common umbrella. 
Chinese women see having a fair complexion as a sign of beauty.  Therefore, they like to open a parasol to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays in the summer in order not to become tanned or burned. These colorful parasols with their various patterns can form an impressive street scene. When seen from far away, parasols can look like a beautiful rainbow. 


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