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Chinese style baked roll---Chinese pizza

editor  13-11-26 16:06

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In China, you often see a kind of cooked flour-based food when people have breakfast called Chinese style baked roll. Many northerners also like to eat it for lunch and supper. You could say that it is well-known in every household. But this seemingly simple snack is actually a kind of ancient food. According to historical research, it was an exotic food that was brought by Ban Chao from the western regions during the Han Dynasty. It may have had the same origins as pizza in western countries, but when it was introduced to China, it had unique Chinese features. 
It is unique in that it is crisp, made of oil and flour, can be round or square in shape and is put in the oven to bake. Various types of stuffing are put into it depending on different tastes. Sweet Chinese style baked roll is filled with sugar, sweetened bean paste or sesame paste, etc. For salty rolls, salt or chopped meat is put in. Because it needs to be baked, vegetables are usually not used. 
Because it contains very little water and does not easily go bad, as well as being easy to make and cheap, then, like rice, it is very easy to eat with side dishes, which is why people in ancient times liked to take it with them when they traveled long distances. But people in modern times are particular about eating, so they put eggs and sausages in it. Now, it has become a home dish that is not taken far from home. 


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