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Sha County snacks are flourishing everywhere

editor  13-12-13 16:15

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      中国的大街小巷,常常会有一家名字叫 “沙县小吃”的小吃店静静地等待着客人,它的身影遍布全国,它就是中国福建沙县的特色小吃——沙县小吃。沙县小吃品种繁多,风味独特而且经济实惠,最适合作为普通老百姓的午餐和晚餐。
In China’s streets and alleys, you can often see a snack shop called “Sha county snacks”. They are all over the country and are a specialty snack from Sha county in Fujian Province. There is a wide variety of Sha county snacks. With their special flavor and cheap prices, it is suitable for ordinary people to have for lunch and supper.
      沙县小吃属于中原黄河流域饮食文化传统的一个分支,分为两大流派:一个是口味清鲜淡甜、制作精细的城关小吃流派,代表品种有扁肉、烧麦、肉包等,独具特色;一个是口味咸辣酸、制作粗放的夏茂小吃流派,以夏茂镇为代表,原料以米、薯、芋为主,如米冻、喜粿等。 沙县小吃有三大特点,一是价格便宜,一般的菜品都是十块钱以内;二是新鲜可口,小吃当天制作,当天卖完,极大地保留了食物的新鲜度;三是绿色健康,沙县小吃基本上是低脂肪、低热量的清淡食品。其主要原料黄豆、大豆是公认的健康食品,各种调味品多用药材,滋补身体。
Sha County snack is a branch of traditional food culture from the Central Plains of the Yellow River Basin, and is divided into two main parts. One is Chenguan snacks, which are light and sweet in flavor and made with great care.  The most famous dishes are flat meat, shao-mai and steamed meat dumplings. The other is Xia mao snacks which are more salty, spicy and sour, and the most famous examples are made extensively with food from Xiamao Town. The raw ingredients are made from rice, potato and taro, such as frozen rice, rice flour, and so on. Sha County snacks have three characteristics. The first is they are cheap, usually lower than 10 RMB. Secondly, they are fresh and delicious. They are made and sold on the same day, keeping the food fresh. The third is they are healthy, as they are usually made of light food that is low in fat and low in calories. Its main ingredients are yellow beans and soybeans, which are recognized as healthy foods, and the various seasonings are mostly made out of medicinal ingredients that nourish the body. 
With these advantages, it is no surprise that Sha County snacks are flourishing all over the country. In order to be more professional, Sha County even established a snack company and built this brand--- Sha County snack.


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