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Please eat the wedding candies

editor  14-04-30 16:07

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Wedding candies are an absolutely necessity for the wedding ceremony of Chinese people. Usually they are prepared by the husband’s family. When the bride is taken to her husband’s house and the newly-weds are in the bridal chamber, wedding candies are given to everybody, thus allowing others to also share in the sweetness and happiness of the couple. The wedding candies were divided into four types in the past, called “four-color wedding candies,” including rock candy, candied melon, orange candy, and longan, and represented four distinct seasons, sweetness, and marriage blessings. Nowadays, the variety and purpose of wedding candies have been gradually simplified. At one’s wedding ceremony, the newly-weds put the candies they bought on the plates of guests for them to eat. People attending the ceremony also like to take the candies home. If there are single adult family members, taking wedding candies home is done to create a happy atmosphere in their environment in hopes that there will be another wedding ceremony to take place soon.
In recent years, it has become popular for newly-weds to share wedding candies with their colleagues. In the beginning, it was just simply giving each colleague a few candies. Gradually, however, some heartfelt newly-weds began make an issue of the packaging for the wedding candies. Some use red iron boxes, some use care bears, and others paste their wedding photos on the boxes. It has become a very innovative part of one’s wedding, and something everybody looks forward to. 


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Edit on14-04-30 16:07