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What’s in the pillow?

editor  14-08-13 17:09

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What’s in the pillow? From the viewpoint of a foreigner, it is a very easy question to answer that cotton fibers or feather are found in pillows. They are soft and comfortable to sleep on. Girls like to have pillow fights with the feathers flying around and everybody having fun. In China however, there are various types of materials that can be found in pillows. 
Chinese people believe that pillows not only can be slept on, but also have the function of helping people stay healthy. Therefore, the material put in pillows must be taken seriously. In ancient times, nobles liked to use jade pillows made of jade. They thought it could improve blood circulation and sleeping habits. The mineral in the jade also had beneficial properties for the human body. In addition, some people used stone or wood to make pillows. In short, pillows in ancient times were usually very hard. Although it was not comfortable to sleep on, it had the effect of protecting the cervical spine. 
Nowadays, in the houses of common Chinese people, buckwheat husks, unhusked rice, sundried orange peel, sundried tea leaves, etc. are usually used to stuff pillows. These natural materials are usually ventilated and environmental friendly, which are liked by middle and old aged people. Furthermore, some young people like to follow international standards of stuffing pillows with feathers or artificial fibers. In today’s society, no matter where you are there are more and more things that can be put in the pillows.


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