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Unique Chinese Medicine

editor  14-09-28 16:49

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Chinese medicine is another way of calling the medication prescribed by traditional Chinese doctors. In comparison to western medicine, the usage and function of Chinese medicine is very different.  



The base products of Chinese medicine usually consist of the roots, stems, leaves, and fruits of plants, internal organs, skin, bones, and organs of animals, as well as some minerals. Botanicals account for the main components of Chinese medicine, and most picked and prepared and then dried in the sun. Traditional Chinese doctors use the diagnostic methods of observing, smelling, feeling for the pulse, and asking questions when consulting with a patient. According to the patients’ problem, the doctor will combine different Chinese medicines together. The medical materials are boiled slowly until the pharmacological effects are cooked out, and then the patient can drink the boiled soup. In comparison to western medicine, the pharmacological effect of traditional Chinese medicine is not strong and the results are not as quick as western medicine. It might be hopeless treating an acute diseases with Chinese medicine, and the soup is bitter, so for some people drinking traditional Chinese medicine is in and of itself a kind of suffering. 



However, it also has its advantages. From the perspective of comprehensively bettering one’s health, it is appropriate for treating chronic diseases and have very few side effects. As most of the content of the medicines are pure natural plants, they are safer. In addition, many Chinese medicines have other benefits, for example, it is beneficial to drink Chrysanthemum tea, which can improve one’s vision, and eating Chinese wolfberries can nourish the kidney and regulate the blood and qi, etc. 



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