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Chinese QQ

editor  14-09-30 15:55

Language:中文 pin yin English

When mentioning QQ, Chinese people are not strange to this chatting tool and even many foreigners have their own QQ account number. For Chinese people, QQ is not only a type of chatting tool, but for many people born in 1980s it also represents their arbitrary youth. 
Launched by Tencent in 1999 as an instant messaging internet based software program, QQ provides many functions, including online chatting, video phone calling, file transferring, etc. When it was launched, the internet had just become popular in Mainland China. Although many families did not have computers, internet cafes were everywhere in cities. Many young people took to playing computer games as a type of fashion and form of cultural expression. It was novel and fashionable to chat with people you know and meet new people through QQ, and QQ became popular quickly. QQ accounts are made of numbers, and the fewer the numbers in one’s account shows how long a person has been using QQ, and in turn became a type of status symbol.  
When using QQ, people can choose pictures or photos as their QQ profile picture and choose to appear “online,” which means other people know you have your QQ open, or “invisible,” which means that even if you are logged on to QQ, other people cannot see you. If two people are both online, they can speak freely with each other. People can meet strangers through searching, and some unmarried men and women even meet online via QQ and have gone on to form relationships and get married. 
The symbol of QQ is a little penguin. In China, although other chatting software programs like MSN and Skype are also used widely, it is still QQ that is the most popular. No matter if at the office or an internet café, you will always see the cute little penguin in the taskbar of a computer whenever the computer is turned on.




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