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Festival to Pay Respects to Teacher’s Day

editor  14-10-08 16:52

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      在中国大陆,新学年开学没多久, 9月10日那天,教师们会迎来自己的节日——教师节。
In Mainland China, on September 10, not long after the new school year has begun, teachers are celebrated with their own festival --- Teacher’s Day.
In 1985 at the Ninth meeting of the Sixth NPC Standing Committee, members agreed on the proposal to establish Teacher’s Day on September 10 of each year, and from this time on teachers have had their own festival. 
Chinese people have always respected teachers and pay close attention to their own education. Establishing Teacher’s Day was another way to let society value the teachers who make great contributions to the nation’s education system and pay tribute to the teachers who work hard each day of the year. On September 10, students will make little gifts and give to their teachers as an expression of gratitude. In society, activities will be held to celebrate this festival, and in addition the government will also launched a series of policies to improve their treatment.
In 2004 many people began to appeal that te Teacher’s Day should be a festival with cultural connotations. They thought that it would be most proper to make Teacher’s Day on the same day as the birthday of Confucius, the most famous educators of ancient China. Based on calculations, the birthday of Confucius is September 28. Using this logic, if the day is changed it will also give teachers more of a rest, as opposed to having the holiday land right at the start of the school year. Furthermore, if the date is changed, it can also be connected with the National Holiday of early October and give teachers a proper rest. In the future perhaps the date for Teacher’s Day will actually be changed. 


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