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街边交谊舞 Streetside Ballroom Dancing

cindy  10-09-01 09:56


Streetside Ballroom Dancing

After dinner, some middle aged and older people will gather in small groups in gardens not far from their homes, or in open spaces by the street side.  Here, they come together for an impromptu activity – ballroom dancing.
Dancing or ballroom dancing in particular, used to be very popular among universities.  But now, university students and youth tend to prefer faster paced dancing like hip hop, and rarely engage in the kind of slow dance where two partners hold one another like a lady and gentleman.  We don't know when it happened, but ballroom dancing has since become a recreational activity for the middle aged and elderly.
The dancers mostly live in the same community, but sometimes there are also passersby.  When they begin, they may not know each other, or perhaps only to a small degree, but when someone brings a stereo and puts on music, people start having a good time, and learning from one another.
Some of these people have enjoyed dancing since they were young, but never had a chance to learn, and these spontaneous gatherings give them a chance to achieve their dream.  Others used to dance when they were in school, but became too busy with work or family to have time to keep dancing.  But since they have retired and their children have grown up, they can enjoy the pleasure of dancing once more.  They can reclaim their adolescence again.
It is a joy to watch them dance.  As long as you are willing, you can join them whenever you like.


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