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jǐn shàng tiān huā

editor  14-03-26 15:59

Language:中文 pin yin English

Jin is a type of very expensive silk fabric that is very complex in its production and extremely exquisite in its make-up. The patterns of the silk are usually colorful and decorative and used as ornaments. If flowers are embroidered on the beautiful Jin, the creation is on par with any piece of beautiful artwork. 
名贵(míng guì): Famous and precious 著名昂贵。
精美(jīng měi): Fine 精巧美丽。
赏心悦目(shǎng xīn yuè mù): Feast for the Eyes 让心灵和眼睛得到观赏的愉悦。
“锦上添花” is a metaphor which is used when trying to make something even better or more perfect. 
1. 有了这位大师的推荐,希望我们的作品能锦上添花。
Using the recommendations of this expert, I hope our work will be even better.
2. 朋友之间锦上添花容易,雪中送炭很难。
It is easy to fix problems between friends, but difficult to provide timely help.
3. 这位明星的加盟令这部电影锦上添花。
The participation of that star made the movie a lot better.


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