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wèi yǔ chóu móu

editor  14-04-24 16:50

Language:中文 pin yin English

This saying means that even if it is not raining, one must still repair one’s own house windows and doors in case that they are not stable and the house floods when the rain does come. 
未(wèi): Not yet begun 还没有,还没开始。
绸缪(chóu móu): Mend 修补、修缮。
以防(yǐ fáng): To prevent 用来防止。
牢固(láo gù): Firmly 结实、可靠。
“未雨绸缪” is a metaphor for making preparations in advance in case of damage as a result of a bad situation. 
1、 虽然还没有下雨,但是天阴沉沉的,咱们还是未雨绸缪,带着伞吧。
Although it is not raining, the sky is dark. We’d better take an umbrella in case it does start to rain.
2、 合作方到现在还没有回复,咱们得未雨绸缪,以防万一。
My partner has not given a response yet, so, we ahd better plan ahead and just in case.


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