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tóng chuáng yì mèng

editor  14-09-12 16:43

Language:中文 pin yin English

“同床异梦” means although people sleep in the same bed, they have different ideas and different dreams. It originally referred to couples who live together but did not get along well. It now also means people who do the same thing but have different opinions. 
做梦 (zuò mèng): v. to dream
感情 (gǎn qíng): n. feeling
想法 (xiǎng fǎ): n. idea
事情 (shì qíng): n. thing
一致 (yī zhì): adj. unanimous
“同床异梦” now does not specifically refer to couples who do not get along well. It is also a metaphor for describing how people follow their own train of thought in completing their plans. 
1. 得知儿子和儿媳同床异梦、貌合神离,她叹了口气。
When she knew her son and daughter-in-law did not get along well, she sighed.
2. 人家这么对你,把心都掏出来,你却和他同床异梦。
He treated you sincerely, but you hid your intentions behind the resemblance of maintaining peace.


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