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yǐn zhèn zhǐ kě

editor  14-12-25 17:08

Language:中文 pin yin English

According to ancient legends it has been said that the feathers of the Zhen bird are poisonous. If a person drinks wine stained with these feathers, he will die. Therefore, you cannot drink the wine with feathers from the Zhen bird no matter how thirsty you are, because you will die from the poison.
传说 (chuán shuō): n. legend
口渴 (kǒu kě): n. thirst
鸩 (zhèn): n. Venenate 传说中的一种鸟,它的羽毛有毒。
不归路 (bù guī lù): n .No return 没有归途的路,一条死路。
People are fully aware that the wine is poisonous but still drink it regardless of the fact. “饮鸩止渴” is a metaphor that means a person does something but ignores the consequences even though he knows there will be a serious aftermath. 
1. 爱上一个有家室的男人,你这是饮鸩止渴。
You are just seeking temporary relief regardless of the consequences of loving a man with a wife.
2. 为了得到想要的地位,他投靠了曾经的仇人,外界都认为他是在饮鸩止渴。
In order to gain status, he took refuge with his former enemy, thus making others believe he was quenching his thirst with poison.


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