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huì jí jì yī

editor  15-05-18 17:29

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“讳疾忌医”is a story that originated during the Warring States period. One day, Bian Que, a famous doctor, saw King Qin Huan, ruler of Cai State. He told the latter that his illness was in his skin and that the king would recover better if he received medical treatment as soon as possible. The ruler responded saying he was OK and refused to be treated. Later, the doctor managed to persuade King Qin Huan to receive medical help. Not taking it seriously however, the pained ruler eventually did call on Bian Que to treat him, though the doctor had already fled to Qin State because he knew King Qin Huan’s illness had no cure. 
医治(yī zhì):v. to treat
劝说(quàn shuō):v. to persuade
发作(fā zuò):v. outbreak
治愈(zhì yù):v. to heal
The literal meaning of “讳疾忌医” pertains to one concealing his illness and avoiding treatment. It is a metaphor for mistakes hidden instead of corrected. In the end, this leads to a bigger loss. 
1、 虽然他们的关系出现了问题,但是像这样讳疾忌医的做法是不对的,还得面对现实一起来想解决的方案。
Although they have a problem in their relationship, it is better to face reality and find a solution, opposed to concealing the issue.
2、 感冒是小病,可是你依然要重视起来,不要讳疾忌医。
While having a cold is no big deal, it should still be taken seriously and not hidden from others.


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