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泰国洪水引发涨价“蝴蝶效应”Flood in Thailand Triggered “Butterfly Effect” in Price Rising

estella  11-11-25 11:30

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Tàiguó hóngshuǐ yǐnfā zhǎngjià “húdié xiàoyìng”
Thailand has been inflicted by flood for months and its “butterfly effect” in price rising has appeared. Thailand is the major manufacturer of digital products, such as computer, SLR-Camera and so on, and prices of these digital products are now fluctuating. Furthermore the price of fragrant rice has also been raised in some places.
As the second largest hard disk manufacturer in the world, Thailand contributes to almost 40% of the global output. The world four largest hard disk manufacturers, Western Digital Corporation, Seagate, Toshiba and Hitachi, all have their factories in Thailand. However, because of the flood, two plants of Western Digital Corporation are forced to close and it will take another 4-6months for them to put back to normal. Although Segate and Hitachi were not caught up in this flood, their productions are also affected because of the damage to the public electrical and transport facilities. It is reported that Segate has already reduced the shipment of its hard disks from the anticipated 55,000,000 to 40,000,000 or 50,000,000.
The insider said that the global supply chain of hard disks might be affected by the continuous flood in Thailand, which will lead to price rising of personal computers in a short time. The famous computer company Apple said the flood in Thailand might cause the risk of hard disk shortage in the industry around the world.
“The price almost doubled.” Mr. Chen who planned to buy a hard disk recently said so. “A 500G HD of Western Digital costs¥200 a week ago, but now the price rises to ¥500. The lowest price is as much as ¥440.” The 750G and 1T HD also go up by ¥200.
 Besides, the new fragrant rice from Thailand which should come into market recently is delayed for some time because of the flood. Now the rice suppliers in Shenzhen said that there is no big change to the price since the rice is the stock of the last year. However, the output of fragrant rice has reduced this year and the upstream suppliers hinted that the price of this batch will rise about 10%.


蝴蝶效应(húdié xiàoyìng)butterfly effect
据悉(jùxī)according to reports
吹风会(chuīfēng huì)briefing


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