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中国计划取消就业率低的大学专业 China to Cancel College Majors That Don't Pay

estella  11-12-05 15:33

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Zhōngguó Jìhuà Qǔxiāo Jiùyèlǜ Dī de Dàxué Zhuānyè
China’s Ministry of Education announced this week plans to phase out majors producing unemployable graduates, according to state-run media Xinhua. The government will soon start evaluating college majors by their employment rates, downsizing or cutting those studies in which less than 60% of graduates fail for two consecutive years to find work.
The move is meant to solve a problem that has surfaced as the number of China’s university educated have jumped to 8,930 people per every 100,000 in 2010, up nearly 150% from year 2000, according to China’s 2010 Census. The surge of college grads, while an accomplishment for the country, has contributed to an overflow of workers whose skillsets don’t match with the needs of the export-led, manufacturing-based economy.
       然而,政府削减大学专业的决定也正面临阻力。中国官方英文报纸《中国日报》(China Daily)的一篇报道说,中国很多大学教授对教育部的这一举措感到不满,因为这可能会减少一些专业所需的人才库的规模,比如生物这个专业,它对中国成为全球科技领导者的目标至关重要,但当前的市场需求却并不强劲。
Yet the government’s decision to curb majors is facing resistance. Many university professors in China are unhappy with the Ministry of Education’s move, as it will likely shrink the talent pool needed for various subjects, such as biology, that are critical to the country’s aim of becoming a leader in science and technology but do not currently have a strong market demand, a report in the state-run China Daily report said.
None of the reports specified which majors would be cut under the new rules, but there are signs that some universities have already started taking steps to decrease the size of programs that don’t result in paid positions. Enrollment in a Russian program at China’s Shenyang Normal University was cut to 25 students this year from 50 in previous years, according to a report in the China Daily.
此举(cǐ jǔ)this move
意在(yìzài)with an aim to
激增(jīzēng)increase sharply
人口普查(rénkǒu pǔchchá)census
出口导向型(chūkǒu dǎoxiàng xíng)export-led
削减(xuējiǎn)cut down; reduce


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