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àishā níyà zhèngfǔ jiāng wèi zuòjiā hé měishùjiā fā xīnshuǐ

editor  15-11-10 17:11

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àishā níyà zhèngfǔ jiāng wèi zuòjiā hé měishùjiā fā xīnshuǐ
Ten writers and artists in Estonia are to be paid a salary by the state for the next three years to encourage their work, it's been reported.
      据爱沙尼亚公共广播ERR报道,爱沙尼亚文化部宣布,从 2016年开始,这个波罗的海国家的政府每年将拨出16万欧元,那些入选的作家和美术家每个人都将获得这笔资金的一部分。文化部发言人梅利斯·康普斯表示:“政府的意图很明确:诗人或画家需要把注意力集中在创作作品上,如果没有足够的资金支持,他们可能需要做几份工作来维持生计,这很可能延误或者扼杀珍贵的作品出现。”  
The ministry of culture in the Baltic state has announced that those selected will each receive a portion of the 160,000 euros which will be set aside each year from 2016, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports. "The state's interest is straightforward: a poet or painter needs an opportunity to concentrate on his or her creative work," says ministry spokesperson Meelis Kompus. "Without enough support and people working on several fronts to make ends meet, precious creations may never see the light of day or be delayed."
To apply, writers and artists have to submit a portfolio of their work, a personal statement, and they must outline their creative goals for the next few years.
State salaries for the arts are rare, and the most that artists can usually hope for is a grant or bursary which gives financial security for a short period. In Ireland, for example, the Arts Council offers up to 15,000 euros as a single-year literary bursary.
That's something Estonia is trying to change, with Culture Minister Indrek Saar saying that the proposed salary offers security that one-off arts grants do not usually provide. Competition for the10 salaried posts is expected to be "fierce", according to director of Tallinn Art Hall Taaniel Raudsepp. "Our aim is to find people who are at the peak of their creative powers," he says.
个人陈述 (ɡèrén chénshù)personal statement
奖学金 (jiǎnɡxuéjīn) bursary


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