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Quán yīng zuì gūdú xiǎoxuéshēng :zhěng suǒ xuéxiào zhī yǒu tā yī gè rén !

editor  15-11-30 17:27

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Quán yīng zuì gūdú xiǎoxuéshēng :zhěng suǒ xuéxiào zhī yǒu tā yī gè rén !
He's always the first to arrive through the school gates in the morning –and the last to leave. He’s always picked to answer the teacher’s questions and he’s always –without fail –top of the form.
For Aron Anderson is, literally, in a class of his own – in fact, he’s the only pupil in his school. The ten-year-old is the sole student at what is arguably the most remote primary in Britain. Aron (whether he likes it or not) gets the undivided attention of his teacher, all the time.
During the school day he has two classrooms, a craft room, music room and a library all to himself. And at break, he has the run of the entire playground with its slides, swings and basketball court. One problem, of course, is that although he loves football, there are no other pupils for him to have a kick-about with. Aron’s unique position also makes him one of the most expensively educated children in the UK.
Aron’s father Ewan, 43, is a fisherman who spends days at a time at sea. His mother Denise, 46, helps in the island shop and heads the parent-teacher council. She is also a trained firefighter.
The island has seen the closure of its secondary school and salmon farm – prompting many families to leave. Mum Denise said, “I just wish we could go back ten years. There were lots of children – and the older children used to help the younger ones at school. It would be lovely to have some more families here.”
篮球场(lánqiúchǎnɡ)basketball court


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