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多会一门外语的又一好处 中风后更易恢复
Duō huì yī mén wàiyǔ de yòu yī hǎochù zhòngfēng hòu gèng yì huīfù

editor  15-12-04 17:29

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多会一门外语的又一好处 中风后更易恢复
Duō huì yī mén wàiyǔ de yòu yī hǎochù zhòngfēng hòu gèng yì huīfù
The benefits of learning another language aren’t limited to just getting by in another tongue. They may also extend to a host of hidden cognitive benefits that could protect your brain in the case of a serious health episode such as a stroke or dementia, according to a new study.
Researchers from the UK and India gathered data from 608 stroke patients in Hyderabad, India, and found that people who speak more than one language have a greater chance to recover from a stroke than monolingual people.
Bilingual people and those who speak more than two languages are said to be twice as likely to have normal cognitive functions after a stroke as monolingual people, even after taking into account other factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and age. Previous research has also shown that bilingualism can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
According to the researchers, the ongoing mental challenges involved with speaking more than one language may boost a person’s cognitive reserve, leading to an improved ability to cope with damage to the brain stemming from incidents like a stroke. Switching from one language to another offers practically constant brain training which may be a factor in helping stroke patients recover.
It’s worth noting that the particularly impressive recovery results shown by patients in the study may be tied at least in part to the lingual characteristics of the area where the research was based. Hyderabad is a multicultural city that plays host to a wide range of different tongues, including Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, and English. As such, the ‘brain training’ people living in Hyderabad are exposed to and the theorised benefits resulting from it may not be replicated in equal measure elsewhere.
康复 (kānɡfù)recover


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