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中国房价几“潘”?Out of fire, into Pan for Chinese Property Buyers

estella  11-11-11 10:16

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Zhōngguó fángjià jǐ "pān"?
Recently, Chinese real estate developers have discovered an alternative to the renminbi, China’s currency, as they begin to advertise properties priced in “Pan”. The new denomination is in fact a reference to Pan Shiyi, chairman of Soho China and one of the country’s most prominent property tycoons.
This new denomination arises from the passing away of Apple’s Chairman Steve Jobs. When Jobs passed away, Mr Pan jokingly proposed a microblog that Apple should start offering its mobile phones for Rmb1,000 (US$157) each. Such an offer, he said, would endear millions of Chinese to Apple and its recently deceased chairman, Steve Jobs. Mr Pan’s call drew an unexpected response from Tang Ruo-ding, a photojournalist. “When chairman Pan dies one day, could [Soho China] please also offer houses for Rmb1,000 per square metre, then more than a billion people will remember you,” he said in his own microblog.
Later the both posts were re-tweeted by a number of Chinese netizens and they came up with the idea of the new currency, with one Pan shorthand for Rmb1,000 per square metre.
“This ridiculing of me is clearly a reflection of people’s dissatisfaction about the high property prices,” said Mr. Pan.
The craze spread to the real world. One Beijing developer now, Tianjin Jinpu Weiye Realty, began marketing flats in one of its developments priced in Pan.
Mr. Pan deleted his original blog post, but to no avail. “Little did I know that after that, people would re-tweet it even more crazily,” he said. “Now that it has come to this new ‘currency’, no explanation will make any difference, so I can only keep silent.”

激起(jīqǐ)draw response
出人意料(chūrényìliào)beyond all expectations


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