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editor  13-05-09 16:39

Language:中文 pin yin English

故事 Story
Edith:Our history teacher is actually quite old-fashioned.
Katrina: Old-fashioned? How old is he?
Edith: He’s 40.
Katrina: Forty years old is not old enough.
词语注释 Note
历史:(lìshǐ)n. history
老师:(lǎo shī)n. teacher
简直:(jiǎn zhí)adv. simply, almost, at all
个: (gè)individual, a/an, one
古董:(gǔ dǒng)n. antique, old-fashioned article
岁:(suì)n. year
算:(suàn)v. to count, calculate
语言点 Language Point
1. 老古董
“古老董” means an antique or someone old-fashioned; an old fogy.
例如(for example):
①你的父亲真是个老古董。    Your father is actually quite unique.
②他的这辆车真是件老古董。   That car of his is a real museum piece.
③这些花瓶年代久远,是老古董了。 These vases are centuries old.

2. 多大了
“How old…” is an expression meant to ask someone’s age.
例如(for example):
①你知道我多大了吗?   Do you know how old I am?
②你爸爸多大了? How old is your father?

3. 不算是
“算” means regard as or take as. “不算是” means that two things are not the same, or that one does not belong to the other.
例如(for example):
他也不算是绝对的垃圾嘛!He is not definite rubbish after all.
情况还不算是无可挽回。The situation is not yet beyond repair.
Is a 38.5-degree fever a low fever for a child?



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