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To perform an operation or to have an operation

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Language:中文 pin yin English

故事 Story
Taylor:Come with me to my house after class. My dad is going to perform an operation this afternoon.
Wayne:Is your father in the hospital now?
Taylor:Yeah, he will be back tonight.
Wayne:We’d better go to the hospital to take care of him.
词语注释 Note
放学:(fàng xué) v. after class, finish class
家:(jiā)n. home, family, household
动:(dòng)v. to have, perform
手术:(shǒu shù)n. surgery, operation
医院:(yī yuàn)n. hospital
回来:(huí lai)v. come back, return, get back
叔叔:(shū shu)n. uncle
语言点 Language Point
1. 动手术
“动手术”有两个意思:⑴给某人做手术 ⑵病人被医生做手术
“动手术” has two meanings: to perform an operation or to have an operation.
例如(for example):
“In four hours, the doctors are going to operate on my cousin.”
If possible, I’d rather not have an operation.

2. 住院
“住院” means to be hospitalized.
例如(for example):
①看来你最好还是住院。It looks like you better be hospitalized.
②这个病人需要住院观察。This patient should be hospitalized for observation.

3. 看看
“看看” is the repeated form of “看,” which means to visit or look at someone.
例如(for example):
我可以看看价目表吗?Could I have a look at the price list?
我们去看看奶奶吧。Let’s go to visit our granny.


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