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editor  13-08-20 16:53

Language:中文 pin yin English

故事 Story
Gina:Vivian, today you ruined the company’s image.
Vivian:I didn’t mean to.
Gina:The boss will surely get even with you
Vivian:Is he planning to make me an accountant?
词语注释 Note
公司:(gōng sī)n. company, firm, corporation
故意:(gù yì)adv. intentionally, willfully, deliberately, on purpose
老板:(lǎo bǎn)n. boss, shopkeeper, proprietor
肯定:(kěn dìng)sure, certain, affirm, definite
算账:(suàn zhàng)v. to get even with, do accounts, make out bills
准备:(zhǔn bèi)to prepare, get ready, plan, intend
调:(diào)v. to transfer, allocate, shift
会计:(kuài jì)n. accounting, accountant, accountancy
语言点 Language Point
“毁” means to damage something or to destroy the reputation of a person or thing.
例如(for example);
①你会毁了她的!You will ruin her future!
②懒惰会毁了我美好的前程!  Laziness will spoil my bright future!
③不要为了苗条又迷人的身材而毁了自己的健康。Don’t damage your health for a slim and attractive figure.

2. 形象
“形象” is a tangible or visible description that uses effective and vivid language.
例如(for example):
①蓝波一直以电影中的硬汉形象而闻名。Rambo is a well-known tough guy in movies.
②诚实是一个人最好的形象。Honesty is a person’s best image.
③他的形象让我感到很为难。I am embarrassed by his personal appearance.

3. 算账
“算账” means to calculate bills or perform accounting; it can also mean to get even with someone.
例如(for example):
①别烦我!我正在算账。   Leave me alone! I’m doing my accounting work.
②这件事我迟早要跟你算账的。 I’ll get even with you for this sooner or later.
③你要跟我算账?!   You want to get back at me?



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