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Get in through the back door

editor  13-08-26 16:34

Language:中文 pin yin English

故事 Story
Evan: Gene, I want to participate in CCTV’s Star of Outlook English Talent Competition, but our teacher said I can’t. What can I do?
Gene: Just try to get in through the back door.
The bell rings, and as the teacher steps into the classroom, Evan walks toward the classroom door.
词语注释 Note
能力:(néng lì) n. ability; capacity; capability
够:(gòu) adj. enough; sufficient; adequate
试试:(shì shi) give it a try; try it
还有:(hái yǒu) adv. Also; still; in addition; besides
铃声:(líng shēng) n. bell; the ringing sound of a bell
刚:(gāng) adv. Just; exactly; barely; only just
踏: (tà) v. to step on; stamp on; tread
教室:(jiào shì) n. classroom; school room; schoolroom
语言点 Language Point
1. 走后门
  “走后门” means to follow improper channels or to rely on internal connections to attain a certain goal.
  例如(for example):
①Backdoor deals are an unhealthy practice.
②He has bad grades, so he entered university through back-door methods.

2. 试试
“试试”是“试”的重叠形式, 表示尝试的意思。
“试试” is the repeated form of “试,” and it means to try.
例如(for example):
①Try looking at things from a different viewpoint.
②My tailor asked me to try on the new suit tomorrow.


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