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I am a new hand

carroll  13-09-25 15:56

Language:中文 pin yin English

故事 Story
Li Li: Anna, this is my new car, please come and have a look.
Anna: It’s so pretty! You must be good at driving, right?
Li Li: I’ve practiced for only one month; I’m still a new hand.
Anna: Let me look at your hands. How could they be new?
词语注释 Note
新车: (xīnchē) n. new car
过来: (guòlái) v. to come
漂亮: (piàoliang) adj. pretty; beautiful
真……啊:(zhēn……a) it’s so…
才:(cái) adv. just; only
新手:(xīnshǒu) n. new hand; newbie
怎么:(zěnme) adv. how
语言点 Language Point
1. 真……啊
“真…啊” is used to indicate the speaker’s surprise. In the middle of the phrase, adjectives are often added to express “very,” “quite,” etc.
例如(for example):
① 他看起来真年轻啊!
He looks really young!
② 今天的考试真难啊!
Today’s exam is really difficult!

2. 学了一个月/V (了) 时间段
A word that signifies duration of time added after a verb indicates the period of time the action lasts.
例如(for example):
① 我每天工作八小时。
I work eight hours every day.
② 他已经学了一年汉语。
He has been learning Chinese for one year.

3. 新手
“新手” refers to people who have just started doing something new and lack of experience.
例如(for example):
① 我上周才开始学车,还是个新手。
I just started to learn driving last week; I am still a newbie.
② 我在画画方面完全是个新手。
I am a total newbie at painting.


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