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editor  14-11-19 17:16

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故事 Story
Ding Tao: Did you tell anybody what happened yesterday? That is a secret.
Lincoln: I told my elder brother.
Ding Tao: How could you tell him? You are so brainless.
Lincoln: My brain is here, you can have a look.
词语注释 Note
事情: (shìqing) n. thing
告诉: (gàosu) v. to tell
秘密: (mìmi) n. secret
已经: (yǐjīng) adv. already
脑子: (nǎozi) n. brain
信: (xìn) v. to believe
语言点 Language Point
1. 秘密
“秘密” refers to things that can’t be known by other people.
例如(for example):
① 这件事是秘密,没有人知道。
That is a secret and nobody knows it.
② 不要告诉别人我要去美国,现在还是秘密。
Don’t tell others that I will go to USA; this is still a secret now.

2. 没脑子
“没脑子” doesn’t mean a person has no brain, but refers to people who do things without thinking or considering the consequences. 
例如(for example):
① 你真是没脑子,这件事怎么能告诉他呢。
You are so brainless to go and tell him.
② 我没说你没脑子,但是你做事之前应该好好想想。
I didn’t say you don’t have a brain, but you have to think carefully before doing something.



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