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Third wheel

editor  14-12-10 16:59

Language:中文 pin yin English

故事 Story
Wang Lei: I heard that they are going to see a movie tomorrow.
Adam: I want to see a movie too. Let’s go with them.
Wang Lei: I don’t want to be the third wheel.
Adam: You can’t shine, how can you be a light bulb?
词语注释 Note
电影: (diànyǐng) n. movie
一起: (yìqǐ) n. time
电灯泡: (diàndēngpào) n. light bulb
发光: (fāguāng) v. to shine
语言点 Language Point
1. 听说
“听说” means something that the person speaking has not seen or heard himself, and has instead received or heard this information from others.
例如(for example):
 I heard his parents had divorced for a long time. 
 I heard there will be an exam next time and I haven’t prepared for it. 

2. A和B一起
“A和B一起” means A and B do something together.
例如(for example):
① 我们班明天和他们班一起去旅游。
What a pity! I missed yesterday’s match again.
② 我非常想和你一起去,但是今天确实太忙了。
I really want to go with you tomorrow, but I am very busy today.

3. 电灯泡
“电灯泡” has two meanings, one refers to a light and the other refers to being a third wheel.
例如 (for example):
① 这个电灯泡坏了,你去买个新的吧。
This light bulb is broken; could you go to buy a new one?
② 他们两个人一起去旅游,你可不能跟着做电灯泡。
They are going to travel together, so you better not go with them and end up the third wheel.


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