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To close the door

editor  14-12-17 16:59

Language:中文 pin yin English

故事 Story
Zhao Tao: We have been to several shops, but still haven’t found an appropriate gift to buy.
Michael: Let’s go to the shop we went to last time, maybe we can buy one there.
Zhao Tao: No need to go. It closed last week.
Michael: Why did it close so early? We can go there tomorrow.
词语注释 Note
还是: (háishì) conj. still
合适: (héshì) adj. appropriate
礼物: (lǐwù) n. gift
上次: (shàngcì) adv. last time
说不定: (shuōbudìng) adv. maybe
关门: (guānmén) v. to close the door
这么: (zhème) adv. so
语言点 Language Point
1. 看看/VV
汉语中表达动作时间短、尝试、轻微等意义时,用动词的重叠形式:V V。一般用于口语,使说话的语气显得轻松、随便。单音节动词的重叠形式是“AA”or“A一A”, 双音节动词重叠的基本形式是“ABAB”。
In Chinese, verbs can be reduplicated to indicate a change in the amount involved in an action. Verb reduplication may express a slight or lesser amount through the use of repetition. Single-syllable verbs are reduplicated in the pattern“AA,” while double-syllable verbs are reduplicated in the pattern “ABAB.”
例如 (for example):
① 我下周想去杭州玩(一)玩。
I want to travel to Hangzhou next week.
② 周末我得在家好好休息休息。
I have to have a good rest at home this weekend.

2. 说不定
“说不定” refers to the speculations expressed by a speaker.
例如 (for example):
① 已经十点了,说不定他今天不来了。
It’s already ten o’clock, maybe he won’t come today.
② 我们去看看吧,说不定能买到好的东西。
Let’s go to have a look, maybe we can buy something good.

3. 关门
 “关门” has two meanings: (1) to close the door (2) shops, companies, and other units are closed down and go out of business for whatever the reason may be.
例如 (for example):
① 有点儿冷啊,麻烦你关一下门吧。
It is a little cold, could you close the door?
② 很多公司因为效益不好关门了。
Many companies have closed down because of poor benefits.



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