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To pay the bill

editor  15-01-27 17:02

Language:中文 pin yin English

故事 Story
Liu Xue: How was the food today?
Jason: It tastes good, especially the Peking roast duck.
Liu Xue: That is great that like it. I will pay later.
Jason: You don’t need to buy anything, I am already full.
词语注释 Note
味道: (wèidao) n. taste
尤其: (yóuqí) adv. especially
烤鸭: (kǎoyā) n. roast duck
喜欢: (xǐhuan) v. to like
买单: (mǎidān) v. to pay
饱: (bǎo) adj. full
语言点 Language Point

1. 尤其
“尤其” refers to a further degree.
例如 (for example):
① 他很擅长体育运动,尤其是足球。
He is good at sports, especially football.
② 我很喜欢看电影,尤其是美国电影。
I like seeing movies, especially American movies.

2. 买单
“买单” means to pay the bill.
例如(for example):
① 昨天是你买单,今天该我了。
You paid yesterday, it is my turn today.
② 你还没毕业呢,今天这顿饭我买单。
You haven’t graduated yet, I will pay the bill today.

3. 什么都……
“什么都……” refers to a complete positive or negative.
例如(for example):
① 她什么水果都喜欢吃。
She likes to eat all kinds of fruit.
② 我今天非常累,什么都不想做。
I am really tired today and don’t want to do anything.



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