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It is very popular!

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Language:中文 pin yin English

故事 Story
Liu Tian: Did you go to the concert last night?
Jason: I was too busy to go last night.
Liu Tian: What a pity! More than 1, 000 people were there, such a popular place to be.
Jason: There was a fire? Did anyone get hurt or die?
词语注释 Note
音乐会: (yīnyuèhuì) v. concert
实在: (shízài) adv. really; indeed
时间: (shíjiān) n. time
可惜: (kěxī) adv. unfortunately
火: (huǒ) n. fire
警察: (jǐngchá) n. police
语言点 Language Point

1. 实在
“实在” refers to “really” or “definitely,” and is usually used in oral Chinese. It is also used to describe the honesty of people.
例如 (for example):
① 最近发生的事情实在太奇怪了。
The things that have happened these days are really strange.
② 他这个人非常实在,从来不说谎。
He is very honest and never lies.

2. 可惜
“可惜” means “to feel sorry for somebody or about something” or “to have pity for something or somebody.”
例如 (for example):
① 昨天的比赛又错过了,真是太可惜了!
What a pity! I missed yesterday’s match again.
② 我非常想和你一起去,可惜我明天还要上班。
I really want to go with you tomorrow, but unfortunately, I have to go to work.

3. 火
 “火” refers to the burning of a fire, and can also be used as an adjective to mean “popular."
例如 (for example):
① 这里失火了,警察马上就到。
This place is on fire, the fire police are coming soon.
② 这部电影现在很火,你也去看看吧。
This movie is very popular now; you should go see it.



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