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故事 Story
Xu Lu: She said she would come to help me last week, but today she told me she wouldn’t be able to come.
Bella: Why? Is she very busy?
Xu Lu: She just doesn’t want to help. I am blind to how to make friends with her.
Bella: What’s wrong with your eyes? Do you need to go to hospital?
词语注释 Note
上周: (shàngzhōu) n. last week
特别: (tèbié) adv. especially
就是: (jiùshì) adv. just
朋友: (péngyou) n. friend
眼瞎: (yǎnxiā) adj. blind
眼睛: (yǎnjīng) n. eyes
语言点 Language Point

1. 就
“就是” can be used as an adverb before a noun or verb. It means “just.”
例如 (for example):
① 我很喜欢你的朋友,就是不太喜欢小明。
I like your friends, but just don’t like Xiao Ming.
② 她非常聪明,就是不爱学习。
She is very clever, but just doesn’t like to study.

2. 眼瞎
“眼瞎” means a person’s eyes are blind, and it is used as a metaphor to mean a person has a bad judgment.
例如 (for example):
① 她的眼睛去年就瞎了。
Her eyes have been blind since last year.
② 你找了个这样的人结婚,真是眼瞎了。
You are blind to marry such a person.


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