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A book from heaven

editor  15-02-02 17:21

Language:中文 pin yin English

故事 Story
Chen Ran: Have you read the materials our teacher gave us yesterday?
Alice: I finished them and they were very interesting.
Chen Ran: I only read two pages; they are like books from heaven.
Alice: Our teacher gave us them, how could they come from heaven?
词语注释 Note
老师: (lǎoshī) n. teacher
资料: (zīliào) n. material
有意思: (yǒuyìsi) adj. interesting
页: (yè) n. page
天书: (tiānshū) n. a book from the heaven
语言点 Language Point
1. A像B一样
“A像B一样” means A is the same as B. Adjectives can be added.
例如 (for example):
① 湖水像玻璃一样透明。
The water in this lake is as transparent as the glass.
② 他的英语像美国人一样流利。
His English is as fluent as an American.

2. 天书
“天书” is used to describe a book which is very difficult to read.
例如 (for example):
① 这本书太难了,和天书一样。
This book is as difficult as a book from heaven.
② 这本小说像天书一样,你还是别读了。
This novel is as difficult as a book from heaven. You’d better not read.



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