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Go! Go!

editor  15-05-26 17:19

Language:中文 pin yin English

故事 Story
Mike: There's a match between the Chinese and American teams tonight; let’s go watch.
Liu Li: Sure! I am going to Jiayou for them.
Mike: Is your car out of gas again?
词语注释 Note
今晚:(jīnwǎn) n. tonight
比赛:(bǐsài) n. match
一起:(yìqǐ) adv. together
加油:(jiāyóu) v. cheer; come on!, go!
语言点 Language Point
1. ……吧
 “……吧”can indicate one of three things: (1) a suggestion (2) agreement (3) a  speculation.
例如(for example):
① 我们明天去参观博物馆吧。
Let’s go visit the museum tomorrow.
② 好吧,我就再帮你一次。
Ok, I will help you one more time.
③ 你不是中国人吧?
You're not Chinese, right?

2. 加油
“加油” has two meanings: (1) to add fuel to a vehicle (2) to cheer on a team or person.
例如(for example):
① 我的车没油了,你帮我去加点油吧。
My car is out of gas; please help me refuel it.
② 加油,你肯定能解决这个问题。
Come on, you can solve this problem!



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