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女儿国泸沽湖(下)Lu Gu Lake – The Female Kingdom Ⅱ

estella  12-04-17 17:07

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In Mosuo culture, girls at the age of 13 have their own room and can invite their loved one to spend the night. If they have relations and become pregnant, the main responsibility of raising the baby lies on the female’s side, and the new mother’s brother, grandmother and mother play the lead role in fostering the child. However, the child should know who the father is and the father has the responsibility to join in on the child’s important events, such as birthdays.
During my journey of learning about Lu Gu Lake, what I found interesting was personally asking the local people questions in order to understand the true nature of Mosuo culture, which raised doubts in my mind about things I had read in books before. My homestay family was very nice and they were willing to answer my questions. I learned from them that although Mosuo females can choose their partners at will, they seldom have more than one partner at the same time. 

Some of these relationships between the two sexes will last throughout their lifetime. In addition, due to the influence of the Han nationality and other foreign cultures, these long-term relationships have become popular in Mosuo culture. I interviewed some Mosuo villagers and local residents. I found out that if a non-Mosuo male and a Mosuo female have relations, the custom of the“walking marriage” will be broken. Usually, the female marries the male. Moreover, as a result of the growing tourist industry, more and more Mosuo males become  hotel bosses who begin to seek for their own “status”.
In the meantime,as  I continue my  journey and  exploration of Chinese ethnic minorities, I won’t forget the hospitality of the residents of Lu Gu Lake. Mosuo Nationality is only one of China’s 56 nationalities. Each one has its own traditional customs, concepts of value and faith. Some of them are familiar with those of the Han Nationality. Some are totally different, such as the“walking marriage”.
But, I believe it’s these differences that make Chinese culture diversified and worth exploring. During my week-long stay in Lu Gu Lake, I sang under the moon, enjoyed local dancing, chatted and had a drink with local people. What fun I had! I’ll never forget the new friendships I made there and how the simple and hospitable local people willingly shared their culture with a foreigner.

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