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北京之行(上)Trip to Beijing (part one)——何备雷

estella  11-07-22 14:28

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In the last few days, I have stayed in Beijing, China. One year had passed since my last trip here. In 2008, I came here to watch the Olympics before I went back to America and in 2009 I accompanied my family to Beijing again.
Beijing was an amazing city and also one of my favorite cities. There were lots of “Laowai” here which was to my surprise. When I was shopping or doing something else, passers-by would stop and look at me. Some foreigners preferred to ignore this extensive attention and some liked it. Personally, I would try to understand the local people and learn their culture. That was it. Beijing was a big city and when I was here, I chose to explore it, met people and enjoyed the foods. During my stay in Beijing, I had already found many interesting things.
First of all, though a great number of foreigners lived in Beijing, they seldom had interactions with the local people. For example, once I went to dine in a restaurant where rarely received foreign customers. As I was eating, I found almost everyone was looking at me including a couple with their kid. The kid then pointed at me and said to his mother “foreigner, look at that foreigner.” His parents chuckled and then gave me a smile which made me feel embarrassing.
In this country, such thing happened to me for many times and I now have already got used to it. But I still felt strange when I looked back and saw a 50-year-old man and his friend stared at me. Then I asked my friend “Am I so different?”
       那个人回到他的座位后,仍然盯着我长达5分钟。我转过头然后对他说:“我一定是很帅,否则你怎么一直盯着我看?”他大笑了一下,然后告诉我:“我来自云南,我这辈子都没见过外国人。” 我向他介绍了我自己,然后问他是否愿意和我合影,后来我把我的中文博客地址告诉了他,我希望他能够读到我这篇文章,并且认识到,我没有他想象得那么与众不同。
When the man returned to his seat, he still kept looking at me for 5 minutes. I turned back and said: “I must be very handsome, or you will not look at me continuously.” After that, he laughed and told me that he came from Yunnan and never met a foreigner before. I introduced myself to him and asked him if he would like to take a photo with me. I then gave him my Chinese blog address and hoped him could read this article online and realized I was not so different as he thought.


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