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北京之行(下)My Trip to Beijing (part two)——何备雷

estella  11-07-25 10:26

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When I went to Beijing’s Tian'anmen Square, I found Chinese people seemed more interested in public activities. No matter which part I went, I would always see people dancing, singing or doing sports there. I was fond of watching them playing and sometimes I even joined them. Chinese people were kind and sports lovers. They liked playing badminton, kicking shuttlecock, group dancing in the park and playing ping-pong.
Finally, during my trip to Beijing, I asked many people questions I habitually asked anywhere else in China like “how about your life? How is your living condition? Which parts do you like about Beijing?” and so on. Different people would give me different answers. However, I still met some ones in Beijing whose lives were quite wonderful (according to the American standards).
Now I am back in Qingdao but I still constantly remembered my short stay in Beijing. I began to believe that despite the fierce competition, those smart, good at interpersonal relations and well-prepared people can still have an edge over the others. I witnessed many people who were nurtured in poor families but got what they want with hard work.
I expect to stay in Qingdao for a longer while and learn modern and classic Chinese here. Besides, I am looking forward to finding more about Chinese culture.


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