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为什么那么多美国人学中文? Why There Are So Many Americans Learning Chinese?

estella  11-08-09 15:41

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In the U.S., a joke goes like this:
If one knows three languages, then who is he? –Trilingual (one who knows three languages).
If one knows two languages, then who is he? –Bilingual (one who knows two languages).
Then how about the one who knows only one language — the answer is he is an American.
It was my birthday yesterday, and I went to Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao with my friends. Then we had meals together and watched the football match. Except the year 2007, I have spent each of my birthdays in China since 2005 and I can still remember how I spent the days. I have been to many places in China and have got to know quite a lot of people. During my stay, my view on China has undergone great changes. Through studying its culture and language, I have become more and more convinced that China is a country full of opportunities.
Some people can’t understand why foreigners are interested in China. Here I would like to give four reasons that always spur me to explore new about China.
 1. There are 1.4 billion Chinese people in the world, and about one fifth of the world population speaks Chinese. So, wherever you go, you can always meet them.
2. China has become one of the biggest trade partners of the U.S., and more than 16,000 American companies are selling goods in China. The trade flow does not only go from China to the U.S. but considerably from US to China as well. The trade volume for the year 2006 amounted to 41.8 billion US dollars.
3. The Chinese government has been more important and influential internationally. The U. S. invested a huge sum of money in building its new embassy in Beijing. This is the embassy with the second largest investment by America, reflecting the extraordinarily significant diplomatic relations between China and US.
4. China has a history of 5000 years and is the fourth largest country on the earth. It will take your life time to learn this country and its peoples.
As an American living in China, I find many Chinese are complaining China for this or for that. In fact, they can have many opportunities in China, both national and international. Though I stated the importance of learning Chinese for foreigners above, I also want to suggest my Chinese friends to learn English because it can give you an access to more opportunities of communicating with the world.


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