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文化和语言不分家(下) Culture and Language CANNOT be Separated (Part Two)

estella  11-08-23 11:17

Language:中文 pin yin English

Though the history of America is not as long as that of China, the American culture still has its distinctive features. However, few foreigners would like to explore them. I know many Chinese who are more interested in the education system of America than the country itself. Their goal is to get a good score and then a good job, and probably choose to return to China in a few years. The history of the minority groups in America including their culture, music, dance, art, fashion, foods, films, pop culture, etc., is actually an important part to understand America and its culture. However, learning about a culture doesn’t require a person to pass certain examination. It’s still fun to meet someone who shares the same interest in music with you and happens to understands American culture as well. Chinese students can learn more about America by watching its movies and getting to know different people by keeping an open mind. In this way their English can become even better than their American classmates.
I always talk about my experience with middle school students in America. I hope they can learn something about the modern Chinese history, its movies and TV, of course, and its ancient history. By doing so, they can better understand this globally influential country with its language and culture, and gain some advantages in life by viewing the world from a comprehensive perspective. Learning Chinese has opened a new world for me, a world which I have never realized before. For those who are interested in the outside world and wish to know more, I encourage them to read more and watch more local TV programs, most importantly, to make more friends.
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