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在英国过年 Spring Festival in Britain ——李丹阳

estella  12-03-13 11:01

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       如今,如果哪位英国人没听过说“中国新年”(Chinese New Year),那他一定成是不看电视不听广播不上网不吃中餐的新一代老古董。
Nowadays, if a British person hasn’t heard of Chinese New Year, he must be an old-fashioned person who doesn’t watch TV, listen to the radio, go on the internet, or eat Chinese food. 
       现在每逢中国新年,伦敦市长会发布电视讲话,祝华人新年快乐。唐人街的中外人士一同穿着唐装舞长龙,幼儿园小朋友都玩12属相猜谜游戏,中学则安排大年初一集体吃中餐。苹果APP store 的很多游戏都增加了春节庆典模式, 据说,连伦敦西斯罗机场过年时居然给中国人民派发红包。
Nowadays, during each Chinese New Year, the mayor of London delivers a speech on television wishing Chinese people a happy New Year. Chinese and foreigners in Chinatown perform a dragon dance, dressing in the Tang suit. Kindergarteners play a guessing game related to the Chinese zodiac, while middle schools arrange a collective Chinese lunch on the first day of Lunar New Year. During Spring Festival, the APP store experiences an increase in many Spring Festival celebration type games. It’s also said that in the Heathrow airport, Chinese were surprised  to receive red envelopes containing money as  gifts.
       这也许和我国GDP增长幅度没有太大关系,和90%的英国商品都标上了’Made in China’ 的标签也没有太大关系。中国新年只是让爱热闹的英国人多了一个庆祝与享用中餐的理由。但无论如何,中国新年在这个岛上越来越有影响力。
Perhaps this has nothing to do with the great increase of China’s GDP, or with the 90% of British products marked as ‘Made in China’. Chinese New Year makes British people want to join in the fun and have another reason to celebrate and enjoy Chinese food. Whatever the case may be, it continues to have a growing influence on this island.
During the Spring Festival of the year of the Dragon, the streets near London’s China Town were decorated with long rows of red lanterns which turned into an ocean of red. Early on, many stores had pasted couplets wishing health and prosperity for the coming new year. All kinds of Chinese goods were on promotion and people lined up outside good Chinese restaurants.
The Chinese restaurants in London’s China Town are not like those in smaller places. It’s the  flavor in each dish is no different from those in China. Upon entering a restaurant, along with familiar Chinese songs you will also see groups of Chinese students seated at round tables eating hotpot and singing.
You feel very warm in such a happy festive atmosphere. In a foreign land,  with gourmet hometown food and the excitement of the lunar New Year, we don’t have to feel lonely and sad.

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