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赴美日记:简单即美 A diary of America: simplicity is beauty----杜艳萍

estella  12-06-14 10:19

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In spite of the rain and lack of sleep, I still went to visit the state university campus, a few shopping Outlets and Wal-mart. Later I paid my colleague a visit at her house and ate teppanyaki at a Japanese restaurant. The whole journey was full and self-enriching, I only regret that I was not able to see everything.
To live in America, you must first adjust to the style of Americans. What I see in the American style is a type of simplicity and ease which are combined marvelously. For example, the building may be are simple at first glance, but when you walk inside, the interior is full of fine details and high-quality items. The molding of the furniture is not complicated, but the lines are lively. The distinctive raw wood is not only easy to clean, but also very attractive and practical. In short, they are every standard of use and design. No items beyond this criteria are accepted. Most houses on the street are built and designed in accordance with the hosts’ wishes. The style of the whole building is quite unified, because people’s aesthetic standards are similarly unified.
There are not many kinds of commodities in the huge supermarkets, besides those  which Americans need in daily life (by Americans, I mean people of Anglo-Saxon ancestry). Each kind however has abundant and dazzling varieties. Each type of item is placed on long shelves, such as chocolate, chips, bread, cakes and butter….. In picking fruits, I find it difficult to decide which one to eat. Each is organized so beautifully. Sometimes free choice becomes its own burden.
You do not need to clean the food very well because it’s already been processed. You just need to put the items in the microwave oven or traditional oven to warm them up. In fact, cooking the items is not required. Americans like to eat raw vegetables and drink ice water. The kettle is used only in boiling coffee. It’s really very easy to make. It doesn’t need any special techniques or extra-time, and is easy to make three meals a day. In comparison, Americans cannot understand the attention paid to eating by the Chinese. Vice versa, we Chinese cannot accept American food.
I terms of clothes, I’ve bought nothing. I feel frustrated with the strong American style. Most clothes are sports styles and the rest are casual clothes. It’s really difficult to accept.


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