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赴美第一天 The first day of arriving in America----杜艳萍

estella  12-08-06 10:26

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Finally I’m here! I’ve suffered through a fifteen hour fight, eight hours of customs, security checks and flight transfers. Despite my swollen feet and chapped lips, I feel relieved. It’s normal to be nervous the first time you fly. I’ve also never had jet lag before. Right now my body just won’t let me sleep, so I have no choice but to get up.
Generally, America is very spacious. JFK International Airport is the largest airport I have ever seen. So when the service staff told us to take a small train to the No.8 terminal building, I thought I ’d misheard them. It’s spectacular looking down at New York City from the air, because it’s huge! The space between the buildings made those of us used to the narrow matchbox-like spaces gasp in awe. How I wish I could move these parking lots to my hometown in Hangzhou. From this feature, it’s easy to understand that Americans like to have lots of space. Things such as vehicles on the road, hamburgers in cafes and coffee are all bigger here than in China. Some even joke that the Kung Pao Diced Chicken in America should be called Kung Pao Chicken Nuggets, because two pieces of chicken would constitute a whole meal in China. How interesting!
In addition, I get to learn about the independent life style favored by Americans. I planned to have dinner at a Thai restaurant, but the boss told us they were closed. The restaurant inside was brightly lit as he and his relatives and friends had a party. My colleague said many stores are closed on the weekend, because people want to enjoy their lives. This is America and Americans’ lives. 


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